The best viewpoints in Barcelona

Discover the best viewpoints in Barcelona, including Bunkers del Carmel and Tibidabo. Capture stunning cityscapes and unforgettable sunsets.

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#1 Cable Car in Barcelona

Enjoy incredible aerial views of the city of Barcelona

The best views of Barcelona

What is the best way to see Barcelona?

After seeing different points of view of the city, you will already be acclimated to it and you can easily move from one place to another. We have already seen from top to bottom and from end to end. We have chosen the perfect route where we move from one point to another with views and ending with a good plan for the evening. You can’t demand more from the city in terms of beauty and views. Live it in first person, and tell us one thing, would you exchange any of these images for any other vista of Europe? We assure you that it will be very difficult.

So what are you waiting for? Choose any of the viewpoints and have fun. But be sure to take all the information – how to get there, prices, opening hours – so the visit goes as planned and in optimal conditions. This city has some very important viewpoints over its territory, and many of them are free. All of them offer stunning views over the city with every kind of different perspective, from Tibidabo tip of the Parque Collserola, over Montjuic that is at the bottom of the city.

As we have seen, Barcelona offers a wide range of spectacular views from different observation points. The best views of Barcelona are offered by the viewpoints located around the city. Most of them are free or quite cheap and afford the best views that the city has to offer. For those of you who prefer to sacrifice quality of views for drinks, you can book a room in one of the hotels near the beach and enjoy a drink with views of the sea on your balcony.

1. Camí del mar Viewpoint

The Camí del Mar Viewpoint offers a breathtaking perspective of Barcelona’s stunning coastline. Located on the picturesque Montjuïc Mountain, this vantage point provides visitors with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, stretching out to the horizon. As you stand at the viewpoint, you can feel the gentle sea breeze and hear the soothing sound of waves crashing against the shore below.

The view encompasses the bustling Port of Barcelona, with its array of ships and boats coming and going, adding a dynamic element to the tranquil scene. Beyond the port, the azure waters of the Mediterranean glisten under the sunlight, inviting viewers to contemplate the vastness and beauty of the sea.

The Camí del Mar Viewpoint is an ideal spot for relaxation, contemplation, and photography, offering visitors a moment of serenity amidst the vibrant energy of Barcelona. Whether you visit during the day to admire the sparkling waters or at sunset to witness the sky painted in hues of orange and pink, the view from Camí del Mar is sure to leave a lasting impression of Barcelona’s coastal charm.

2.Mirador de l’alcalde

In conclusion, we can say that this visit is a must for everyone who wants to admire the true beauty of the city. The Mayor’s Viewpoint is an incredible new cultural space in Barcelona that will delight all visitors; the uniqueness of the attraction, the activities timeline, and the 360-degree views of the city make it a singular visit.

In this installation, you can enjoy the view of the 4th century Roman wall near the Miro’s gardens. The Mayor’s Viewpoint gives you the chance to have once in a lifetime experiences such as enjoying the sunrise from the heights with a glass of cava. As well, it is offering outdoor activities such as guided tours, several circuits, or the possibility to practice Yoga.

In addition to the former attractions, you can now visit the Mayor’s Viewpoint. The Mayor’s Viewpoint is a new terrace and viewpoint that offers you the unique opportunity to enjoy 360º views of Barcelona. The Mayor’s Viewpoint entrance is located in the defensive walls and offers visitors a unique opportunity to see the city through the eyes of the mayor, enjoying exceptional views of the most representative points of the city such as the Basilica of Santa María del Mar or the Barcelona’s Cathedral.

3. Migdia Viewpoint

Anyone who has visited Barcelona and has looked up the mountain has surely seen the cutout of a huge cross. That cross is the Cross of Migdia. Pere Domènech i Roura, president of the Circulo de San Idelfonso de Gracia in 1898, had the idea of placing a monument to raise Montjuïc and at the same time serve as a bell tower for the church that was thought to be built nearby. It symbolized salvation for the city and to be visible from all over the city. At a time of extreme religiosity, the project was supported politically and even economically by the people of Barcelona through a subscription.

In addition to having some of the best views in the entire park, the Migdia viewpoint is a sort of labyrinth of low walls and plants of all types that you can inhabit and photograph without bothering anyone. We can also admire the aguileñas of Montjuïc. The structure holds many autochthonous Mediterranean plant species and survives thanks to the rainwater that accumulates and thanks to the dew that is created in the morning due to the low altitude that Montjuïc has.

One of the best kept secrets of the Montjuïc Llavorsí garden is the great viewpoint of Migdia. The reward for making a short rise from the rest of the mountain. The area near the viewpoint is made to picnic with low granite benches and a fountain nearby.

4. Satalia Viewpoint

Once we finally arrived, it was all worth the climb and the strange sightseeing. You won’t find anyone up here, only a few benches from the city council of Barcelona. The view is absolutely magnificent and according to me the most impressive of all other viewpoints in Barcelona. 

The Satalia viewpoint is really worth the visit. It appears farmers actually built the viewpoint in 1725! It was a spot for them to see what the situation of the sea looked like and see if they could expect some haul. Although the years passed, it’s still an absolutely stunning point to observe the city.

5. Palau Viewpoint

In the end, these are pictures with the best views of Barcelona. Remember that the best moments to take the perfect picture on a photography trip are sunset, sunrise, and twilight. It is also better to catch a clear day. The best views of a big city are from high viewpoints, which usually have bars in them. Some of the best views of Barcelona can be taken from a very high building. However, the best ones are far away from these high buildings, such as the ones on Tibidabo Mountain top.

Open from 10-13:30 and from 17-20, this viewpoint is not as famous as the others mentioned, but since it is in the same park, there are no ads on it. Probably you will find that your trip is a little bit too long, however, you can take something to eat or drink inside the park. To get to this park, take the metro (L3) and get off at Lesseps. From there, you need 15 minutes. The trip is very nice as well.

Do not get outside the park, keep walking up until you find a stair on your right. Pau Casals is a very romantic area that also contains Gaudi’s house. The viewpoint is also known as the 3 crosses viewpoint and you should get a picture: 1 gigantic cross (for Jesus Christ) combined with 2 more (for the 2 thieves), looking downtown. Then you will find the main entrance to Park Guell.

6. Poble Sec Viewpoint

With one of the best sunsets in the city, definitely, if you like epic sunsets, this is your place. But do it with someone you like, you won’t be able to wait to share the experience of being part of the most beautiful part of Barcelona. With some great views of the magic mountain of Montjuïc, this brand new spot appeared with the old Tres Xemeneies park and will give you some pretty nice shots, one of the best views of the city thanks to its particular architecture that is really similar to an open natural amphitheater.

You will be so close to the heart of Poble Sec neighborhood, but it is hidden in the middle of three big streets, so if you don’t know this viewpoint, it’s very difficult to realize its existence, but it’s a beautiful little treasure around Montjuïc. It’s literally located between two of the most important avenues in Barcelona, Paral.lel and Avinguda del Paral.lel, in a rural environment since Montjuïc was mainly, in the past, an industrial park.

You have to search for the Montjuïc graveyard until you find Vilà i Vilà Street, where it stands, to then head up in a few minutes, around 15 minutes. This Poble Sec Viewpoint is one of the most unknown viewpoints on this list, so it’s always free of tourists. It’s hidden in a traditional neighborhood and it has a circular form to provide a panoramic view of Barcelona. You can see the port, the big skyscrapers of the city center, the beaches, the Mediterranean Sea, and all the coastline.

It’s really amazing. Those colors at sunset are so amazing that they make you spend hours contemplating them, so romantic. Also, it is so easy to reach that this place is very popular for making picnics with friends and enjoying a quiet plan while watching the best views of the city.

7. Miramar Viewpoint

Imagine that the viewpoint is the Miramar or Princess viewpoint of an old hotel. Next to this esplanade, there is the Talaia watcher, which overlooks the wonderful Park of Montjuic. I recommend you take the escalators and climb to the lookout. The views are worth it.

We recommend you don’t take a taxi or bus to go to Miramar. The best option is to take the Metro, Line 3 (green), and get off at Paral·lel stop. When you leave Paral·lel, you have a small half-kilometer walk to reach the viewpoints through Passeig de Montjuic. A total of 10 minutes. The service of the bus responsible for climbing Sant Berbard’s Funicular to the Viewpoint Miramar will be interrupted indefinitely to avoid inconveniencing the public and causing financial loss to the company involved (which we will not mention) due to two errors committed.

Miramar or Belvedere is an Italian word derived from “beautiful to see” and, in terms of urbanism and town planning, refers to a magnificent place, raised square, or promenade that allows one to enjoy a wide view over a state-of-the-art city. The Miramar Viewpoint is located on an esplanade at the top of the Montjuic mountain, an area that was once a luxury residential district facing the sea. From the 60-meter-long platform, you can take a look at the Port and Poblenou. The Montjuic fortification, built in 1640, is located 173 meters above the sea view.

8. Joan Brossa Gardens Viewpoint

The purpose of the viewpoint was to enable pedestrian access to the upper part of the park from the Eixample as a way of continuing the Magic Fountain axis. It is located atop an artificial cliff in the northern park area and offers a 160-meter long sedal path. It can also offer unobstructed views of the city from atop General Surveillance Plaza, as well as serving as the perfect transition from a more landscape to a much more architectural style that develops towards the city.

One of the city’s most romantic, peaceful and isolated secret corners is located in Montjuïc Park, where the Joan Brossa Gardens viewpoint provides beautiful sights of the city and harbor from atop an artificial ravine. It has become an icon among the city’s young and not-so-young residents due to its views and privacy. Standing atop the park, you can see much of the surprise that people will only discover upon arriving. And the Catalan Parliament is located at the bottom of the garden! But where did it get its name? The gardens were named by the Barcelona City Council after the famous poet Joan Brossa, who lived in the city for much of his life. It was first known as Gardens of Guitard as it is located where the Hotel Guitard and family house of the landowners from which the hotel took its name previously resided.

It is practically impossible to be bored in Barcelona with so many activities and interesting places to visit. Nonetheless, this city doesn’t only offer amazing places to explore like the Sagrada Família, the Magic Fountain, and Montjuïc Park, to name just a few. It also has some of the very best viewpoints in the world with panoramic vistas of the entire city and coastline.

9.  Montjuic Castle Viewpoint

The Mirador del Bunkers del Carmelo is located on the hill of Turo de la Rovira and allows a 360° panoramic view of the city of Barcelona, from which much of the city can be contemplated, having only the fault of not being able to contemplate the Sagrada Familia, a fault that can be perfectly solved by visiting some of the viewpoints of the city located in the vicinity of the great temple.

Montjuic Castle closes our ranking of the best panoramic views of Barcelona, located at an altitude of 173 meters and with fantastic panoramic views throughout the city. The viewpoint of the castle is one of the most beautiful as it is a beautiful structure with inlaid into the esplanade of the castle, the way to access the viewpoint.

Close to the top of our ranking of the best panoramic views of Barcelona (number 10 out of 10), we find the beautiful views of the Montjuic Castle, a very special viewpoint. The road leads up to the castle. Slightly further down, we come across a carpark. Hence after, a path leads to the castle, with the spectacular city of Barcelona in the background. The views from the castle are magnificent and show Barcelona as the nature of her, wide and open to the sea, as few probably imagined.

The stone walls of the castle offer a very good picture with the city at the bottom. Also, from this viewpoint, a magnificent panoramic angle with the harbor in front, the beach at the bottom, the city to the left, and the mountain of Montjuïc on the right side can be enjoyed.